A: Good question!  It is so important to us that you love the product you get. We have tried to make the selection process as reliable as possible, but in case you don't like the product we select based on your specifications, just send it back. We'll get in touch with you to clarify your preferences and ensure that we send you the perfect, one-of-a-kind product that you are as proud to own as we were to make. You can even request to see photos of the product before we send it to you.  


Q: I want to make sure I love the purchase I make. How can you guarantee that I will get what I want when each item is handcrafted and 100% unique?

Q: Can I request photos of the product before I buy it?

A: We've tried to make the selection process of your product as simple as possible. If you don't like the product we send you, and would like to make an exchange we'll give you the option of getting photos before we send you a new product. 

Q: How does my purchase make a difference to the issue of violence against women and girls in India?

A: My Choices is an innovative, grassroots NGO providing free counseling, rights education and legal aid to victims of abuse and violence. Around 90% of every purchase goes directly to support this work, paying for salaries of our PeaceMakers (fieldworkers), Counselors, Legal Aids, and Administrative team. Of course we have to cover the costs of our production inputs, export and the fair wages of our PeaceCrafter too, and that's where the other 10% goes! Every penny helps us do what we do. 

Q: I want to know more about the cause, work and impact of My Choices India. Where can I find this?

A: We're so glad you asked! You can find our Impact Report hosted on this Shop site, or request one to be sent to you via email. Or, head to our NGO website for complete info on who we are.